The seasons of despair know no bounds;

One tries to get you on your feet

To drop the sense of consciousness,

It slams the certain in your face

And burns the reason to the ground.



Warmth of breeze in a shackled state

Could do no damage, nor deed.

‘Twas a song of smoke and fire

That traded the man’s creed. 

Sound and just over the mantle of world,

He took his hand by instinct.

Knowing no salvation would be spared,

And ignored the possible conflict.

Hit the halt as huge as star,

With no possible reflex to follow;

‘Twas a train of lonely hours

That took him to forge him hollow.

When trying to seize the forthcoming,

Fate had it planned upto he was nothing. 

#worst of all.


Smiles no more!

A Snake with broad smile of it

Has no reason to sway,

When all it does is rest and prey

With no seasons of way.

A guide it was to ones in need;

A song which soothed the date.

None knew it would go stale

With just a stroke of fate.

Had zeal of sloth, but esteem of God,

Leaving no point open to fall.

‘Twas a pain of thousand needles

When the trust had him befallen.

Losing the name, he once owned;

With the love he once cherished.

From a song as merry as a tribal lore,

gaining solitude, with smiles no more. 



The sheer sense of belief

Into the mundane manners

Has been a goblet of uncanny waters.

A red seems white,

While orange is blue.

And no tainted trails to follow.

False in the nearby eyes,

As if dreaming a childish dream,

With calls to grow up and see.

Well, it’s just the way it is. 



Since it’s been a long while, you all are in for a treat.

Here goes,

Senseless beauty doesn’t fade away

As it doesn’t know what it’s holding;

Shivering in cold and warm in day,

Since nothing can bide its molding

By the glamorous dance of fancy world,

Swaying every head with a sight,

Doesn’t shake an inch of its map,

Since it gives nothing to their might.

A senseless head with a glitter inside

That clings on to whatever it finds well

Is the warmest of all the treasures

Since it would never hear the bell…

~of the modern architecture


Red is no longer heavy to hold
As it has come to lift the cold.
Waters of leaves running through air
Touches the skin of sheer despair
In attempt to leave its moisture there
To give the cycles of health forever.
It seems to be the sense of senses;
The invisible transcender of crimson lenses,
Taking me in as a ray of light
To give out the smiling way to life.


Stillness of water is exquisite
As long as it remains the best,
Living inside the shell of life
Is solitude of sorts above Everest.
The silence of lambs is hardly silent,
tavern of mighty heroes isn’t much;
Bragging beyond their ordinary facade
And having the time of eternal touch.
Is it the reality of mundane measures;
Ground residing people on seams,
Unaware of the gravity of them,
Seldom awake in their nightly dreams?
Hardly it happens, when the alarms are gone;
And one sees the silence of world all alone.