I’m only a spoke in the wheel of time; a flame that only flickers, a dice that only justifies its probabilities, and a color that only fades. Withdrawn from the comforts of the dreams and resolved to live in the reality, I fulfill myself. From what has happened and what might happen, I am reserved, and presume only to surpass. I am not supposed to trespass beyond my limits, but I really wish to. I cherish the goodness and fullness of faith, alike most of the earthlings. I sometimes feel that I have everything and need nothing more to satisfy my appetite of wisdom, but eventually, alike all of my fellow planet-sharers, I feel needy. I, in effect, do the things I ought not to, but I, indeed, do that.
This deed only hurts and does nothing productive except the pain. I, consequently, hurt the ones that shouldn’t be and feel proud enough to never admit the trespassing. This vanity draws the goodness away, despite of my cherishes.
I hope I stay on the way to please myself, selflessly; exactly, selflessness is the way to happiness.
P.S. I’m only a spoke on the wheel of time; the wheel on the way I seek happiness, but how wrong I am. Happiness is never the conclusion, it has always been the thesis.


This is Amir Flame.


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