Let me hear it!

It’s the second of July, I’ve been wondering for more than half of a week to decide a subject for my blog. After a sequence of trial & error, I reached to a paradigm of a blog that states my inability of writing a blog on one subject. I have simply acknowledged the fact, and I respect it. Despite of what’s out front, this cannot be the end, can it?
Therefore, I am going to write a blog about what I feel, all the time. May god bless everyone, but me?
Being an ordinary soon-to-be-20 guy and a thinker, I perceive plenty of things in the world. Few of which are opaque and visible enough for an ordinary eye, while some are thoroughly transparent, and need a keen and curious eye to get caught in the vision. The invisible or the hardly visible things are near me, whether I want to see them or not. I know it’ll seem a little bigmouthed of me to say those dreadful things, but I certainly am not afraid of opening up. Racism is a paradigm of those transparent things that affects me.
Despite of being a citizen of the earth, I see the different levels of organization of people. Some think themselves superior, while some belong to the lower levels; but the issue that bothers majority of people is the imagination of incompatibility of superiors with the inferior ones. Those people of high grade and comfort think that they get to live the best life, but their needs don’t get calmed; because despite of feeling their own superiority, they can’t bear the inferior ones to rise up to their level.
Comparison among each other is a dreadful deed, humans; Pray, hear a troubled soul and spread the message of Universal Equality. Thank You.


This is Amir Flame.


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