What can I say, I’m a lucky brat!

There are times when man of words loses his grasp on his words and falls into inevitability. Keeping control of the words had never before been an issue to me; after all I’m a man of my words. It stayed that way until I ran from an opportunity, yesterday. I felt terrible while and after my runaway, but I could not help myself; because I hurt merrier people with my deed. I needed to feel terrible, because I deserved that. Why?  Because a man of word respects another man of the same kind, but when people don’t respect their words (whether it is obligatory or bad luck), the man of word feels detested, unconditionally. It was either my deed’s fault or my short-tempered belief’s; I was rejected from my capabilities by my own intellect, and shoved to live in the dejectedness. But what a lucky brat I am, no matter what I do; no matter how greatly I suck, I am always saved.
To me, there are always a number of people who hold me back up, whenever I fall from the height of my idiocy. I am an idiot; I know that, and the help that I get, won’t be everywhere I go. I will have to learn with my failed experiments, with their infinite love, and with my hopelessness. I am not just a man with a candle to guide me; I have an entire light house for that matter, but only I can sail my own ship, can I not? I wish great lives and hugest thanks to the people who are perpetual to and for me. I cannot imagine myself without them, what else can I say: I am a lucky brat!


This is Amir Flame.


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