My days!


Yesterday was quite a day; it took me by surprise, but I was left behind, hilariously, from her scooter. Before I could get on the pillion seat, she accelerated it. Thanks to my less-weight-ness, she didn’t even realize I was left behind until she had gone about twenty or thirty meters ahead. I was laughing, the people on the roadside were laughing at my situation. It was quite a situation; though, it was very amusing. Other than that, my participation in that short story contest is going promisingly well.
They say, ’you don’t have to there, because you’ll find nothing there,’ but I, idiotically, believe in creating rather than discovering. Besides, our old buddy George, George Bernard Shaw, has said that, ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself; instead it’s about creating yourself.’ I would love to be a free idiot rather than a told Aristotle.
About three weeks ago, I got dumbfounded when I eventually started reading Pride & Prejudice after a year of its arrival in my bookshelf, and found it extraordinarily remarkable. Though, I’m very slow in reading; therefore, I have only got past two hundred and a few pages. I would recommend that book to every person; whether it reads romance or not, because it is way more than romance. It has the delicacies of a society, satirical conversations, and mindsets of early Nineteenth century people with complications of relations, lies, and love. It shows how it was important to have good fortune for good fortune. Along with its sharp narration, Pride & Prejudice, to me, is a masterpiece of English Language. I’ll give the full review, when I finish it.
It’s been a good day so far, good luck to me for farther.
P.S. I hardly read romances. And anyone who’s willing to go through the online short story contest, you may find my story here:

This is Amir Flame.


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