I’m a poet as well!


I am a poet in my way; therefore, I write poems. Yay! That was easy, I’d like to share a poem or two if you like it. Here I go:

“Came to know you, by an accident,
Everything changed, at that instant,
Theories of love and being loved,
Were false all along, the way I travelled.

Did not know, that shall happen,
if knew, could not have trappened
Myself, under the spell of charm,
If could, must have gotten lesser harm.

Desperate, solitary confinement in vain
For a long time in a never stopping train,
Missing the missed part of the pumping heart,
The part, that threw the poisonous dart.

Love is not love which alters” a man said,
“When it alteration finds” and I say:
“Why I got altered when that was not love,
Or why it altered if that was THE love.”

Did not have a conclusion of what had occurred,
Tried everything to forget, my being, wretched,
Before despatching from the quintessence, that I loved.
Got a gift and the order to embrace, that I earned.

Did not do so in the beginning of the miserable life,
The void of the lost part kept hurting, piercingly, like a knife.
To get over, I started the embracing,
felt better than the past of trespassing.

In the end of the start of less lugubrious life,
The love that never returned to the husband as a wife,
The mourning for the lost part did not end,
But the heart found the salvation by the gift, it embraced.”

Hope you like it. Feel free to comment.

This is Amir Flame.


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