The Soul Soother: Music!


Today, I struck to wonder that if there’s something supernatural in this world, surely it is music. It is not visible but it does the things that a visible thing might need to do great endeavoring to do: GIVING PEACE OF MIND. I’m a teenager and don’t much know about music, but what I do know is only explainable in the form of music; Yes! The singers and the songs do that for me; the things that I feel, the things that I know and the things that I want all comes down to me by a great song. All of that gets nurturing by just a five letter word, or is there something more? Of course, there is! What John Legend says is not only his message to the world, however, only he can convey the identical message through that way. No one else can do that. People can sing their way out, tell their issues to the world without actually telling, and cry without shedding a tear but with some voice intervened in a string of words, but when there’s a person alive and finds the lyrics making hundred percent sense to himself, knows and understands ‘what are you feeling?’ And when you are that person that found an artist’s song making hundred percent sense to your life literally gives the feeling of being sent to a haven of salvation where the only feeling that you can feel is that ‘YOU’RE NOT ALONE’.
Music can’t be divided into genres unless one can divide the right cerebral lobe from the left one. Not possible, right? Yes, it is not possible to bissect your brain and stay alive, hold your breath and respire, similarly one can’t accept that he has to tell the difference in the message coming from the vocal cords of Adam Levine in a Pop Ballad and the feeling hovering above the ground,surrounding you, when you listen to an R&B song of Beyonce. One can’t differentiate the euphoria of two different artists singing a Rhyme or the tragedy wretching their souls while singing a brokenhearted song. One can’t. Though, they don’t sing the same way, but still they are human beings and they possess a seventy two times beater in their chests. Can a normal human being, say me, not express my love to my sweetheart by singing, “ALL OF ME”? I may not, No, I definitely won’t be able to sing like Legend, but his words coming from my vocal cords will make the exact sense that his would have.
I love music and its versatility in monotony; it keeps me awake and lets me fall asleep, pulls my lip cleavage toward the cheeks and drips from my eyes sometimes, moves my legs sometimes, and sometimes gives me a tight hug; it is what it is, and I thank it everyday for that.
~In love with you forever.

This is Amir Flame.


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