It had caught me again tonight; the desolation and despair of being the self-righteous, self-centered, egotistic loser. The lights have gone out, and the sounds have turned mute; and I’m left with the only-ness of my imperfections. This is a contemporary soul with contemporary conflicts, but it is scared of thinking ever again; it has frightened itself to an extent where it doesn’t know if it can ever return.


The time has been said to be the creator of everything; the very same time has showed me my place, where I have been assigned to be detested by humanity. I’m not the greatest man; I’m hardly a man yet, but I’m one thing for sure. I’m the most coward and self-centered person I know, and I, eventually, was going to show me my place; the unanticipated wait has concluded, and I’ve got the thing I deserve.
I have nothing more to say to myself or the universe. I’m checking out for now.

This is Amir Flame.


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