This has been a remarkable recovery!


This has been a remarkable recovery! A conversation can solve the unsolved and mend the broken. It has been proven to me. A desolate soul I became yesterday, and the thing turned out to my good, and here I am, writing.
I’m not only a man with a torch to guide me, but I am in a phase of consistency; where whether fall or break down, I will get up no matter what. I thank you people for listening, and I thank the thinkers for thinking; because thinking makes things worse, but it makes them better soon. The closure is only a step away, and the liveliness is in the the liveliness.
I am taking off now!
P.S. I’d be grateful, if anyone spares another mighty second on my post and go through this link and help me get on the competition of the short stories.
Pray read it, and upvote it if you like it!
Thank you!

This is Amir Flame.


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