Pride & Prejudice (Review)


It was a worthful read: Pride and Prejudice. It is the second novel by Jane Austen, and was published in 1813. It started out as an unstable lady who wishes nothing, but her daughters’ marriages, and then it transcended to a dramatic meeting of the impertinent girl of a heroine and the proud and arrogant hero. But it wasn’t the end (as it was only the beginning), their unanticipated meetings substantially increased, and the ill disposition of the hero kept on imprinting in the mind of the heroine. Soon, the deviations arise for the heroine’s sister and her love, and they part. But, everything returned to normal, in the end after a few dedications, recollections, and in my words; the destiny brought everything at its place, everything found its haven where it was supposed to be. And they lived happily ever after.
P&P is a sure read book; if you want strong, social, 19th century drama; then go for it. I read it after a 14 months’ hiatus, and thinking, ‘what did I wait for?’
Anyway, all’s well that end’s well.
Hope you have a good time. This is me, checking out.

This is Amir Flame.


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