My Everest!

It’s happened for the first time (to me) that it is a blog post, which isn’t authored by myself. It’s written by the dearest friend of mine. There you go!


My Everest!

Confidence; actually self confidence! It’s the key to your success; if you have it, you can climb the Everest itself. I’m going through a tough phase of my life; I always thought myself as a strong person, but when life put a test in front of me, I found myself a coward, a spine-less person. I realized how stupid of a person I am; it’s just a stupid test and what did I do: cut myself,crying my heart out every day,hurt those people who love me; but now after about 10 days, I finally realized that all I need is self confidence to climb this Everest of my life. This is my journey; I am sure, everybody is there to support me, but they can’t walk for me.
At this moment, I feel boosted with confidence, and I know I’m gonna win it, whether I pass or fail; I’m gonna be converted into a better person, and this will be my success! So, I want luck and confidence to win; wish me luck, thanks!

-Abhilasha Sharma:))

This is Amir Flame.


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