On the 200 likes’ depression


It’s interesting to admit that I stuck this long to this website. My past observations have given me liberty to admit that I get tired. This long consistency is astonishing to myself. Am I an introvert, psychotic, autistic, depressed, lone, and hopeless being or I’m just making these things up. I’m not sure for now. Advises are easy to give, and easy to follow, at least some of them are. I wish love and life to my well-wishers and WordPress and Twitter and Facebook and Dragon City and Lost Moments and De_stin_y. I thank my sister for keeping my head above the water. I thank my brother for keeping me up in the meddle. I thank my brother for making me feel breathing. I thank my mother for coping with this hopeless brat. I thank my father for his unsurpassable endurance and love. I thank CR for her concern. I thank TV for its constant presence. I thank Penny for his forever long companionship. I thank my luck for keeping me good in its bad. I thank this earth for not waiting for me to turn.
Thank you all for the support.
Live long and prosper.
And yeah one more thing, I thank my phone for giving me the eternity in the infinitesimal.


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