What did you do?

I don’t feel anything. The air around me seems to strangle me very slowly. Neither animals nor the life interest me. The events of last night keep on flashing before my eyes whenever I take my eyes off any living being. Time seems to run as a speedy train, leaving only the sounds to me. The worry is there; but it no longer makes me rise up and work against it. The smiles don’t seem to lighten me. People no longer seem to notice. My eyes no longer seem to look for any hope in goodness, not even from the expected.
All of this came down when I outdone myself. A unhappy but stable being was I, but you had to stab me right in the middle of my chest. I should die, I no longer deserve the world; but then those hopeful marbles come staring at me. I don’t know where do I stand anymore.
~At the mercy of life.
What did you do? 😥


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