She’s just another girl!

It’s hard to admit that there aren’t people, despite the blood mates, who live only to care for you.
After all, Butlers are expensive to recruit.
Anyhow, love is a noble notion that gets grinded between two random people’s egos, and faces the blame if something goes wrong. So, all in all it’s okay if you don’t get your love on the right track, because if it is on right track then you’ll lose your life track.
People hurt people, and this is the reality. We can’t live afraid, but we can’t spend time into taunting, either.

Therefore, I’d say that love is just a game, and time can heal the pain. (Quoted- Enrique Iglesias- Don’t you forget about me.)
Rest is up to you, because if she’s not here then she was just another girl.


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