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Since it’s been a long while, you all are in for a treat.

Here goes,

Senseless beauty doesn’t fade away

As it doesn’t know what it’s holding;

Shivering in cold and warm in day,

Since nothing can bide its molding

By the glamorous dance of fancy world,

Swaying every head with a sight,

Doesn’t shake an inch of its map,

Since it gives nothing to their might.

A senseless head with a glitter inside

That clings on to whatever it finds well

Is the warmest of all the treasures

Since it would never hear the bell…

~of the modern architecture



Is that sea that I’m seeing right now?
Or only a mirage somehow,
Consistent, yet changing,
Unbelievably huge as a martyr king.
That’s some story I see
That asks as if wants to be free
From the coastal limits of the infinite
And sail afar from its limit.
As unfinished as it may sound,
But this is all that I had found.


Beyond expectations lie the ventriloquists,
Controlling every shade of life.
Darker and lighter on perception
Are all, but wings in open sky.
Procrastination is better
If promises aren’t kept,
And never leave a stain on something
That you die off paying its debt.



Tails behind the shape of life
Wave as if they’re free of pain;
The sense beneath the shrouded shrines
Deceive the ones beyond.
Scattered fragrances of ecstasy
Don’t raise the levels of every breed.
A tail behind the shape of life
Can feel the metaphysical skies,
But the mark of guilt on the forehead
Can’t give anything, but rain.

The fault in our stars!

There should be no hype about making the wrong right, when the fault is in none other than our stars.
People come, live, live with you, and teach you to live, and then they have to leave. What can be done?
I missed you today. Nonetheless, I’m not sure what I see is right or not, but I don’t want to know either.
Seems like being extra worried about the outcome screws you, badly.