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Warmth of breeze in a shackled state

Could do no damage, nor deed.

‘Twas a song of smoke and fire

That traded the man’s creed. 

Sound and just over the mantle of world,

He took his hand by instinct.

Knowing no salvation would be spared,

And ignored the possible conflict.

Hit the halt as huge as star,

With no possible reflex to follow;

‘Twas a train of lonely hours

That took him to forge him hollow.

When trying to seize the forthcoming,

Fate had it planned upto he was nothing. 

#worst of all.



Breezes & Gusts


Where there breezes convert into gusts,
Where the rocks convert into dusts,
I stood there looking,
At the trees shaking, at the birds chirping,
And at the lives unhooking,
From the days of silence,
From the nights of violence,
From the hatred of haters,
From the time with liars,
Is this permanent?
The complete happiness at this moment,
The complete absence of pain and miseries,
The complete refreshment of happy memories,
I guess, It is not,
The things we feel are temporary,
The Time is limited,
Happiness is a just a way,
And love is power.
Breezes turn into gusts and,
Gusts become breezes,
Time runs quickly, waiting for no man,
This is life and keep it untamed.

This is Amir Flame.