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Since it’s been a long while, you all are in for a treat.

Here goes,

Senseless beauty doesn’t fade away

As it doesn’t know what it’s holding;

Shivering in cold and warm in day,

Since nothing can bide its molding

By the glamorous dance of fancy world,

Swaying every head with a sight,

Doesn’t shake an inch of its map,

Since it gives nothing to their might.

A senseless head with a glitter inside

That clings on to whatever it finds well

Is the warmest of all the treasures

Since it would never hear the bell…

~of the modern architecture


Blame it on me!

Virgin straws of the greenest wheat
Shall turn into hay, inevitably;
What shall I think of myself
Out of this perplexity,
Whether I’m green in the turning or the turned.

A wire you may call me,
An old song, no longer being played;
A wheel-less cart within my power,
But who’d mind looking at the numbed bones, when they can’t see.

I prefer the will over the ability,
An urge over the sensations;
Glass is transparent in dark and light,
What one sees won’t fall within the visible, when one’s ardent on believing in beyond.

~with a love for the nucleic acids, and an inexplicable yesternight.

And I’m feeling it!


A drop of moisture and a few more,
Consecutive as the beat of my heart,
A catastrophic weather and the puffing of my chest
By the fall of air into the endless sea
Caught me without surprise.

A dried fruit getting drenched in the rain,
The skills of a snake hid him well;
Ambushing under the leaves,
Teeth of gourmand of ill fate
Fall into the jaws of death.

A close call, a happy coincidence
Get me well, the weather is unbelievable and I’m feeling it.

This is Amir Flame.