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Since it’s been a long while, you all are in for a treat.

Here goes,

Senseless beauty doesn’t fade away

As it doesn’t know what it’s holding;

Shivering in cold and warm in day,

Since nothing can bide its molding

By the glamorous dance of fancy world,

Swaying every head with a sight,

Doesn’t shake an inch of its map,

Since it gives nothing to their might.

A senseless head with a glitter inside

That clings on to whatever it finds well

Is the warmest of all the treasures

Since it would never hear the bell…

~of the modern architecture



Well, it’s awful yet funny, at some point, that I am having amnesia lately.
Above the life, yet inside it,
It resides magnificently at the ninth cloud;
Sending glee and hope within
Something vain, yet serene as shroud.
Its name is love,
What else can it be?
That gives and takes at all times
The life of an A, stabilized with B.
Countless have earned it.
Countless have found;
The sense of living residing in it,
The ruby of vanity with fate inbound.


November 10th

I heard you sing a few days later
After the day I held your hand,
And poured out my heart
To air and the person on the land.
It was poetic
In some sorts;
Worthy were those moments, for me,
As it’s still the happiest day of my life.
I promised to keep you forever,
Yet I fell short on that.
Agony is agonizing
To admit my demise by my own hands.
Blackness, you lifted;
Simpleness, you taught;
Errors, you faced;
And the love that you bestowed.
Still this inspires me, only if this helps;
Those intimate moments still bring water out of the stones.
Miss you, dearest.
~if only this helps.

Droopy Intellect!


It’s been a remarkable language that I have been privileged to learn;
Evergreen and herbivorous medicine of yearning.
A melodious song in the clashing music of the universe,
A lively setting that unbinds the pelican wings,
And shoves toward the undiscovered sky
To live without regret and flaw.
The language without words, but a name of four letters.
A name that makes the believer believe in the impossible and encourages to do the things that one never finds the gut to do.
It’s always been there, and I anticipate its omnipotence.
The language of life, the language of love.



You, you anonymous serene light
Or a more alive, more colorful tree,
My stick, my stand, my loving sight,
Or the mind-numbing aroma that set me free.

Was it the first sight
Of your long watery hair?
Or the spark of your eyes light
That kindled my frozen lair.

Your presence, your aura, you’re all I want.
Now my soul needs your affection.
My heart, my head say you can’t,
But I can’t help ’cause you’re my only salvation.

I’m not going to stop, sleep or die
Until I reach you, get you and fly.


This is Amir Flame.