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Enough of the unlikable poetry! I’d just talk for today, and thanks already.
So the thing is, I have been writing 4 liners since July 27th and still counting, if I exclude the College-off day. Yes, it’s surprising that I write them in the classroom. I’d like to post ’em here, then I think I have wrote enough of the incomprehensible stuff. Therefore, I would like to discuss my matters, will that work? I don’t know, like this. Let me know, what do you think about it. Suggestions are welcomed. Thanks again.
Today was unanticipatingly well, except the part when a teacher showed me the door out of the class. I’d better not remember that. If I exclude that, rest was, again, extremely gleeful. Eyes are not hurting! Good sign. Anyway, enough of the miserable glee. Poetry is better.
Two is bigger,
Bigger is better;
But one is alone,
And lone’s lone.
~nothing can beat it at that!